10 Anime That Are Completely Different From the Manga

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Released first as a manga in 1994 and as an anime in 1995, the two mediums were designed to exist together but diverged significantly over time. 

Fullmetal Alchemist

The manga began in 2001, followed by the anime in 2003. Due to the manga's ongoing status, the anime took significant liberties, leading to a reboot in 2009 to more faithfully adapt the manga. 


The manga started in 2016, with the anime following in 2017. Unusually, the anime did not initially follow the manga, instead using the first fifty episodes to expand on the Hidden Leaf Village's new history before aligning with the manga's storyline.


The manga was released in 1995 and the anime in 1998. Although the initial manga concluded in 1997, it continued as "Trigun Maximum." The anime's 26 episodes condensed the story, leaving out much of the detailed exploration found in the manga.


Beginning as a manga in 1997, the anime adaptation started in 2001. Due to the manga's lengthy run, the anime diverged significantly from the original plot, omitting major elements like the Nazi revival group Millennium. A more faithful adaptation, "Hellsing Ultimate," began in 2006.


The manga debuted in 1982, followed by an anime film in 1988. The film, unlike a series, took key ideas from the manga but crafted its own ending, as the manga did not conclude until 1990. The comprehensive manga is worth reading for its in-depth storytelling.

Pokemon Adventures

Both the manga and anime started in 1997, with the manga introducing a character named Red, while the anime featured Ash, a more cheerful protagonist. The manga's darker tone and rotating characters contrast with the anime's long-running focus on Ash.

Dragon Ball Super

Released simultaneously as a manga and anime in 2015, the anime stayed fairly true to the manga until it ended in 2018. The manga continues, and it is anticipated that future chapters will eventually be adapted into the anime.

The Promised Neverland

The manga began in 2016, with the anime following in 2019. While the first season of the anime stayed true to the manga, the second season diverged significantly, disappointing many fans. It is often recommended to watch only the first season or stick to the manga.


Launched as a simultaneous manga, anime, and novel series between 2000 and 2001, FLCL was conceived to have different versions of the story across mediums. The characters and core concepts remain consistent, but each format offers a unique experience.