10 Best Movies of 2024 (So Far)


Zendaya, Mike Faist, and Josh O'Connor star in Luca Guadagnino's tennis drama and romance, showcasing Zendaya's commanding presence and chemistry, blending sports with passion.

'La Chimera'

Josh O'Connor shines in Alice Rohrwacher's mystical drama about a scholar-turned-tomb raider, exploring themes of grief and greed in a '70s setting.

'Do Not Expect Too Much of the End of the World'

Radu Jude's satire follows Angela, a Bucharest production assistant navigating absurdities akin to Ceaușescu's era, humorously critiquing societal chaos via social media antics.

'Dune: Part 2'

Denis Villeneuve expands on Frank Herbert's sci-fi epic with a deeper dive into power and morality, featuring Timothée Chalamet and Florence Pugh in a visually striking narrative.

'How to Have Sex'

Molly Walker's film turns a Greek vacation dark as Tara's encounter with 'Badger' takes a tragic turn, exploring friendship dynamics and youthful mistakes sensitively.

'Janet Planet'

Annie Baker's debut delves into a New England summer, unraveling the complex dynamics between a mother and daughter amidst silence and unresolved tensions.

'Perfect Days'

Kōji Yakusho stars in Wim Wenders' portrayal of a public toilet cleaner's introspective life, capturing quiet moments and existential reflections.

'Robot Dreams'

Pablo Berger's animated adaptation explores the bond between a dog and robot in New York City, blending whimsy with poignant themes of separation and reunion.

'The Taste of Things'

Tran Anh Hung's epic about French gourmand Dodin Bouffant and cook Eugénie celebrates culinary art as a metaphor for life and love in the 19th century.


Lila Avilés' coming-of-age story in Mexico portrays a girl's poignant farewell to her terminally ill father, embracing life amidst impending loss with grace and sensitivity.

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