10 Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Take Your Wedding Season Into Consideration: "Winter foundations should not look dry or flat, while summer foundations should not shine too quickly. If your wedding is day-to-night, use something durable."

Choose a Lipstick or Balm You Feel Comfortable In: "The lip is very important," "try on all the shades at the makeup counter and 'when you know, you know!'"

Drink Lots of Water Before the Big Day: This beauty tip is vital year-round, but especially as your wedding approaches. Makeup applies best on hydrated skin. 

Have a Makeup Trial: The trial matters. Both for you and the makeup artist. By trying multiple looks, you'll feel confident and joyful on the day knowing that outfit is suitable for you and will last."

Use Waterproof Products: Keep a beauty blender on hand to blot tears. This will massage the product into the skin without streaking or wiping it away." It needn't be expensive.

Find Balance in Your Look: For a smokey look, wear light makeup and natural lipstick.Go light on skin makeup for strong lips. Matte lipstick lasts longer and takes less upkeep

Keep a Few Products On-Hand Throughout the Day: Blotting papers are essential for absorbing excess oil, a pressed powder in a compact is necessary for convenient touch-ups and includes a built-in mirror

Make Sure Your Foundation Is a Perfect Match: Your foundation should match your skin or neck tone. That day will be filled with photos, so don't let your face and neck clash."

Apply Moisturizer Before You Self-Tan: Moisturizer as a barrier is your self-tanner secret. Apply before applying to problem areas to prevent darkening (elbows, knees, hands, feet, extreme dry regions).

Use a Teeth Whitening Product: You'll smile that day, so keep your pearly whites white. Teeth whitening should start at least a few months before the big day, depending on the product.