10 Weird Cat Breeds

Sphynx Cats

These medium-sized hairless Canadian Sphynx have big ears and are allergy-friendly. Due to their temperature sensitivity, these sociable, devoted pets flourish indoors.


Peterbalds, thin, hairless cats from Russia, are smart and affectionate. This lap cat is friendly and social due to its distinctive appearance and webbed feet.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

A medium-sized cat with a bobbed tail and varied coat lengths, the Japanese Bobtail symbolises luck in Japan. Intelligent and social, they like interactive play and bonding with people and pets.

Devon Rex

The UK Devon Rex is called the "poodle that purrs" for its curly coat and playfulness. These lively, friendly tiny to medium-sized cats love attention from their owners.

Munchkin Cat

New US breed Munchkin cats are energetic and short-legged. They are known for their distinctive appearance and friendliness since they learn quickly and are friendly.

Cornish Rex

UK-born Cornish Rexes have smooth, wavy coats like corn rows. Small to medium-sized cats are active, friendly, and enjoy leash walks and activities with their owners.


The Russian Donskoy, or Don Sphynx, has elastic, wrinkled skin and is pleasant and outgoing. Medium-sized hairless cats enjoy human and pet company.

Highlander Cat

US hybrid Highlander cats have robust bodies and tufted ears. Despite their wild appearance, they are amiable, social pets who enjoy playing and cuddling with their families.

LaPerm Cat

US-bred LaPerm cats have a curly coat and a lively disposition. Medium-sized cats that like people make ideal pets for families and individuals.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoys are muscular, hairless, and have inward-folding ears. Friendly, energetic cats that appreciate affection and adapt well to family life are engaging pets.

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