6 Rarest Dollar Coins in the United States

Eisenhower Dollars Launch

The Eisenhower dollar, launched in 1971, was popular in Western casinos. It featured President Eisenhower and an Apollo 11-inspired reverse motif.

Eisenhower Bicentennial

In 1976, Eisenhower dollars had a dual date "1776-1976" to mark the U.S. bicentennial. They were briefly reissued after this, but many found them too bulky.

Collector Comeback

Eisenhower dollars are now popular among collectors, especially for their die varieties and 40% silver versions issued in uncirculated and Proof finishes.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Launch

The Susan B. Anthony dollar, issued in 1979, aimed to replace bulky coins. However, its similarity to quarters led to public confusion and lack of popularity.

Public Campaign Failure

Despite efforts to promote the Susan B. Anthony dollar, it was easily confused with quarters and never widely accepted, leading to its limited circulation.

Sacagawea Dollar

In 2000, the Sacagawea dollar was introduced with a golden color and plain edge, featuring the Native American guide Sacagawea. Its design by Glenna Goodacre was praised.