7 Beautiful Types of Orchids That Serve as Living Décor

Cattleya orchids prefer higher humidity, so if your house is dryer, place the pot in a tray of damp pebbles to increase moisture surrounding the plant.

Corsage Orchid

Houseplants like moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) are elegant and trendy. Aubrey Olsen of Garden Media Group says phalaenopsis orchids make great gifts

Moth Orchid

Aptly named because of its blooms that look like a dancer with a waving skirt, dancing lady orchids (Oncidium) have stems draped in showy blooms.

Dancing Lady Orchids

Vanda orchids (Vanda spp.) are unusual since they're not potted. "Instead, you see it sold with its roots hanging down from fan-shaped foliage, topped by glorious clusters of large flowers

Vanda Orchid

The fragrant blooms have flat petals and appear along each stem." They thrive inside or as seasonal plants in milder locations since pansy orchids require temperatures under 80 degrees.

Pansy Orchids

Boat orchids (Cymbidium) boast tall spikes filled with many flowers, making them especially beautiful for cut flowers. "The multi-lobed flowers have a colorful central tongue

Boat Orchid

This orchid genus features a ballerina slipper-like pouch on the bottom. "It makes for a unique, showy bloom with a variation of colors and patterns that stand out in the landscape or indoors

Slipper Orchid