This is the epitome of classic, no-nonsense long hair. Versatile and timeless, it can be worn loose, in a ponytail, braids, or a bun. 

The Really Long

Plaits are modern-day cool. They can be worn down, tied in a bun, or in a ponytail, making them perfect for rectangular faces. 

The Plaits

This style is a shorter version of the Really Long Hair, where hair is allowed to grow just enough to maintain a sleek and simple look. 

The Getting-A-Bit-Longer

For a noble, Alexandre Dumas-inspired look, embrace your natural curls. Apply styling products and let them air dry. 

The Prince Curls

Dreadlocks are low-maintenance and can last for months with proper care. Suitable for thicker, coarser hair, they can be created with natural hair.


The man bun is versatile and stylish. It can be positioned at the crown or nape of the neck. Apply a styling product to hold and control the hair. 

The Man Bun

Exuding power and control, brushed-back hair is ideal for thinner hair and inverted triangle face shapes. 

Brushed Back Hair