7 DIY Furniture Ideas To Base Your Next Original Project On

Layer Your Rugs: Create a luxurious and cozy atmosphere by layering rugs in your space, as demonstrated by Maxwell Ryan in his Hamptons home. Adding a linen canopy further enhances the warmth and depth of the room's neutral color scheme.

Make Your Bookshelf a Gallery: Turn your bookshelf into a focal point by styling it with colorful artwork and surrounding it with comfortable seating, as celebrity chef Alex Hitz did in his cozy English-style portrait room.

Don't Forget the Floor: Inject energy and color into a room with neutral walls and furnishings by choosing a statement rug or carpet, like the vibrant one in this living room by Leanne Ford Interiors.

Let Your Plants Shine: Showcase your indoor plants to bring life and color into your living space, as demonstrated by designer Elizabeth Cooper with a lush citrus tree and topiaries. Incorporating greenery adds freshness

Clear the Closet: Maximize storage and functionality by repurposing shallow closets into specialized nooks, like this bar area created by designer John Fondas. Removing doors and installing cabinets and shelves

Find New Spots for Flowers: Spread the beauty of fresh flowers throughout your home by placing vases in different rooms, suggests designer Katie Ridder. Consider investing in new vases to complement each space

Swap Out Art: Keep your decor fresh and dynamic by periodically swapping out artwork, whether it's small frames or pieces on a gallery wall, as seen in this bedroom by Jae Joo.