7 Modern Dining Room Ideas to Strike up Conversation

Be There and Be Square: Opt for a square dining table to bring guests closer together and create a more intimate dining experience, as demonstrated by this design from BHDM Design.

Pare Down the Palette: Limiting colors in your dining room allows architectural details to shine, as shown in this space styled by Magnolia's Ashley Maddox and designer Hilary Walker.

Switch Up the Seating: Create coziness and intimacy by using two dining tables in a room, like this circular four-seater tête-à-tête designed by Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs.

Bring on the Shapes: Make a statement with shapes and sculptural pieces, as demonstrated by Jenn Feldman Designs in this living room featuring a geometric pendant light, round table, and arch chairs.

Keep the Original Molding: Highlight original architectural features by keeping the dining room decor simple and bright, as done by Jordan Slocum and Barry Bordelon of Brownstone Boys in this 1899 brownstone.

Add Rustic Touches: Create a storybook-ready dining room with farmhouse charm by incorporating rustic elements like a traditional plate rack and vintage table and chairs, as shown by designer Marshall Watson.

Prioritize Hosting Guests: Design a dining room that invites guests to hang out beyond mealtime, like this space by Tamara Honey of House Of Honey, which is perfect for game nights and casual gatherings.