8 Backyard Waterfall Ideas to Transform Your Space

Natural-Looking Waterfall

Create a private retreat with a natural-looking waterfall that features multiple cascades over rocks, surrounded by a variety of plants and trees. This setup emphasizes reflections off the water's surface.

Small Water Feature

Achieve the soothing sound of a waterfall in a small backyard with a pond or stream setup. Use landscape edging like wood planks for a path-like effect, and enhance the area with rocks and flowers.

DIY Waterfall Kit

Easily build a backyard waterfall with a ready-made kit. These kits typically include a preformed reservoir and lightweight artificial stones, making installation quick and simple.

Large Waterfall

Go big with a large backyard waterfall that cascades over flat stones into a pond, surrounded by a conifer garden. This setup provides a grand, nature-inspired focal point, perfect for entertaining on a nearby patio.

Waterfall Stream

Add a winding stream with low falls or cascades to a woodland or rocky hillside garden. Surround the stream with water-loving plants and shrubs to create an inviting, lingering spot for visitors.

Modern Backyard Waterfall

Incorporate a modern waterfall with a triangular steel basin near an outdoor fireplace to drown out traffic noise. Surround the basin with plants to soften its edges and enhance the tranquil atmosphere.

Pool Waterfall

Enhance your pool with a dramatic waterfall feature. Constructed from rock, stone, or concrete, and requiring a pump, this trio of waterfalls along a retaining wall creates a stunning effect.

Waterfall Planter

Combine a planter with a waterfall to showcase flowers atop a beautiful water feature. This setup offers colorful fragrances and a close-up view of flowing water, perfect for backyard guests to enjoy from deck seating.