8 Best Grocery Delivery Services, Reviewed By A Dietitian

BistroMD focuses on aiding weight loss with a variety of weekly menu options, all under 400 calories.


Veestro, known for its vegan offerings, offers a range of plant-based meals, though some dishes are hit-or-miss. However, it comes at a premium price point, averaging $15 per meal.


Territory Foods partners with local chefs to create region-specific menus, featuring a diverse array of healthy options. However, it's on the pricier side, with meals typically costing between $14 and $18 each.

Territory Foods

Sakara Life stands out for its fresh, flavorful meals designed to support cleansing diets. Despite its positive qualities, it ranks among the most expensive meal subscriptions available.

Sakara Life

Snap Kitchen delivers prepared meals that are mostly under 450 calories each. While the meals are generally well-prepared, some customers find the portions smaller than expected and certain dishes less satisfying.

Snap Kitchen

FlexPro Meals specializes in frozen keto-friendly meals. However, it received mixed reviews and was noted among the least enjoyable options sampled.

FlexPro Meals

Nutrisystem offers affordability but received criticism for the overall taste and quality of its frozen meal options.


Sunbasket is known for its high-end meal kits that emphasize organic and sustainable ingredients. However, the cost of these kits may not be feasible for all budgets.