8 Best Hairstyles for Men with Big Foreheads to Try in 2024

Side Part Comb Over: Sweep hair to the side to minimize the forehead's appearance while adding volume.

Textured Fringe: Opt for a fringe that adds texture and covers the forehead partially for a stylish look.

Quiff: Style hair into a voluminous quiff to divert attention from the forehead and create a modern aesthetic.

Buzz Cut: Embrace a short buzz cut to reduce the focus on the forehead and maintain a clean, low-maintenance look.

Pompadour: Create a classic pompadour by styling hair upwards and back, balancing out the proportions of the face.

Undercut: Combine an undercut with longer hair on top to draw attention away from the forehead and towards the styled hair.

Slicked Back Hair: Achieve a sophisticated look by slicking back hair, which elongates the face and minimizes the forehead's prominence.

Layered Hairstyle: Opt for layers to add dimension and movement to the hair, softening the appearance of a large forehead.