8 Bright Blonde Hair Ideas for Older Women

A mix of blond and brown, bronde highlights suit all skin tones and hair textures. Perfect for blending grays, it creates a natural, sun-kissed look.

Sun-Kissed Bronde

Bold golden streaks, or "money-piece highlights," brighten brunette hair with a glamorous, low-effort style, reminiscent of the '90s.

Chunky Gold Streaks

Dark roots transition seamlessly to blond in a low-maintenance style born from the 2020 salon closures, creating a natural gradient effect.

Blond Melt

This dramatic, two-tone look adds a blond statement piece like a ponytail or topknot to brown hair for a head-turning style.

High-Contrast Blond and Brown

Strawberry blonde, a mix of red and blond, adds a rosy effect to pale complexions and offers a range of shades for versatile styling.

Reddish Blond

Amber, honey, and caramel shades with visible brown roots create a natural look that complements dark eyes and brows.

Dark Tawny Blond

High-maintenance and striking, this bold blond requires extra conditioning and regular touch-ups for a glamorous, stage-ready style.

Statement Blond

Elegant and authentic, soft blond blends warm and cool tones for a sandy, beige, or creamy look, perfect for a classic, low-key style.

Soft Blond