8 Celebrity Pixie Cut Styles To Inspire Your New Look

Peroxide Pixie Cut

A '90s-inspired pixie cut with pinned peroxide colour can transform your image. This edgy, adaptable style lets you express yourself easily. Ideal for bold, low-maintenance statements.

Parted Pixie Cut

Achieve a sophisticated and easy-to-style appearance with a sleek parted pixie. Whether air-dried for a casual outing or neatly styled for a special event, this haircut offers versatility and elegance in equal measure.

Volumized Pixie Cut

Increase the length and volume of your pixie cut. Angela Bassett's rendition shows how a styling paste may add texture and lift, excellent for pixies who desire a fuller look without compromising shortness.

Pixie with Deep Side Part

Deep side parts make pixies more attractive. You may achieve a red carpet-ready look or a professional everyday look with this simple yet effective styling option, as Léa Seydoux shows.

Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Bangs give your pixie cut a lively look. This style, worn by Dame Helen Mirren, gives thin hair texture and flow while adding youthful charm with pink.

Tousled Pixie Cut

At the 74th Academy Awards, Halle Berry's pixie cut was timeless. With short sides and a longer top, this dishevelled appearance requires less care, great for simple yet sophisticated hairstyles.

Elvish Pixie Cut

Daisy Ridley's pixie cut exudes fun. This style oozes movement and vitality with deliberately placed snips and sprays of strands, perfect for playful yet sophisticated looks.

Gelled-in-Place Pixie

With Halsey's gelled pixie, combine modern and vintage. This haircut seamlessly merges present trends with 1920s glamour with a deep side part and delicately curled edges.