8 Celestial Cocktails To Make For Watching The Total Solar Eclipse At Home

Mount Gay Orange Eclipse

Mount Gay's renowned Eclipse rum serves as the foundation for the Orange Eclipse cocktail, a refreshing blend that marries the rich, aged flavors of the rum with the bright, citrusy notes of blood orange. 

Gray Whale Harvest Moon Martini

Crafted with Gray Whale gin, known for its distinctive flavor profile inspired by California's coastal botanicals, the Harvest Moon Martini offers a sophisticated twist.

Patron Solar Eclipse

Patron's Solar Eclipse cocktail showcases the brand's XO Cafe, a coffee liqueur that adds depth and richness to any mixed drink. In this recipe, it's combined with Italian orange soda, fresh lemon juice.

Reyka Midnight Sun

Reyka Vodka presents the Midnight Sun cocktail, a refreshing concoction that captures the essence of summer with every sip. Featuring Reyka vodka, known for its purity and smoothness, this drink is mixed.

Empress Gin Light the Beam

Empress 1908 Indigo gin lends its striking indigo hue to the Light the Beam cocktail, a refreshing twist on the classic gin and lemonade. With its unique botanical blend, this gin enhances the traditional.

Jameson s The Blackbird

Jameson Black Barrel whiskey takes center stage in The Blackbird cocktail, a dark and fruity libation perfect for eclipse viewing. Blended with lemon juice, pineapple juice, and violet liqueur, this cocktail offer.

Absolut Sunbeam

Absolut Ruby Red vodka stars in the Sunbeam cocktail, a light and refreshing option for eclipse watchers. Muddled with grapefruit wedges and honey, this drink delivers a zesty citrus kick with a hint of sweetness.

Astral Tequila Solar Flare

Astral Reposado tequila takes center stage in the Solar Flare cocktail, a fiery concoction designed to add a touch of heat to eclipse festivities. Mixed with lime juice, homemade grenadine, and a dash of hot sauce.