8 Chic Must-Try Hairstyles For Women In 2024

Curly Hair Bangs

Curly Hair Bangs are a bold addition to your look, framing your face with unique texture and allure. Tame curls with styling techniques and dry shampoo for a flawless finish.

Retro Curtain Bangs

Retro Curtain Bangs offer timeless elegance with endless styling options. This 70s-inspired cut is low maintenance and budget-friendly. Elevate the look with cute accessories like clip-ons or bows.

Straight Jagged Fringe

Channel early 2010s nostalgia with a Straight Jagged Fringe for a rebellious, edgy vibe. Thick hair enhances this style; use serums and sprays for added volume and definition.

Sideways Fringe

Embrace Jenna Ortega's signature style with a Sideways Fringe, adding flair to your look with a peek-a-boo effect. Combat forehead oil and grime with proper care and maintenance.

Wavy Hair With Bangs

Achieve boho-chic perfection with Wavy Hair With Bangs, framing your face effortlessly with soft waves and mystical vibes. Regular trims maintain the look's elegance.

Piecey Curly Fringe

Add a modern twist to your curls with a Piecey Curly Fringe, defined by layers and highlights for a fun, dynamic look. Confidence is key to rocking this style with sassiness.

Choppy Fringe

Emulate Killing Eve's star with a Choppy Fringe, perfect for messy bun days. Keep hairspray handy for added structure, and practice patience for longer hair post-fringe.

Flicky Curtain Bangs

Channel Lizzo's boss energy with Flicky Curtain Bangs, versatile enough to complement any hairstyle. Enhance your look with their chic and adaptable appeal.