8 Cute Hairstyles That We're Crushing On Hard Right Now

Casual Braids

This effortless side braid is perfect for any day of the week, especially in the heat of the South.

Cascading Highlights

Long hair looks great with ombré highlights. These cascading highlights are easy to grow out and don't require frequent salon visits.

Long Natural Curls

You may feel pressured to straighten your hair, but we recommend leaving your curls natural.

Beachy Waves

You had desired gorgeous beachy waves that made you look like you belonged on Blue Crush, but your hair crunched louder than uncooked ramen noodles.

Fishtail Top Knot

Top knots don't have to be messy. This lovely bun tutorial is from Millennial Mama.

Long Bangs

Long hair lets you pull back bangs when you want them out of your face, a win-win.

Lace Braid Ponytail

Ponytails are great for long hair in hot weather. Pretty ponytails like this show that they're not just for the gym. The Missy Sue tutorial is here.

Glamorous Faux Bob

Don't worry if you're afraid to cut your long hair! You can cut your hair short without a major chop. Cosmopolitan has a faux bob tutorial.