8 Dog Breeds Seniors Should Avoid at All Costs


Energetic and high-strung, Huskies require daily mental and physical stimulation. They are escape artists, heavy chewers, and difficult to train, making them unsuitable for seniors.

Saint Bernard

Despite being big sweethearts, Saint Bernards are massive and slow to mature. They require a firm hand due to their size, excessive slobbering, shedding, and tendency to be aloof with strangers.

Great Dane

Known for their size, Great Danes can be hard to handle and may not recognize their own strength. While family-friendly, they require significant training and may exhibit aggression.


Muscular and protective, Rottweilers can be hard to control and stubborn. They require firm training and may show aggression if not properly managed.


With boundless energy, Boxers can be challenging for seniors to handle. They are known for jumping and pawing behavior, lack of self-control as puppies, and require consistent training.

Australian Shepherd

Highly intelligent and high-energy, Australian Shepherds need daily grooming and exercise. They are prone to chasing after prey and require vigilant supervision.

Jack Russell Terrier

Peppy and lively, Jack Russells are difficult to train and have high exercise requirements. They are prone to destructive tendencies and can be challenging to potty train.


Intense and headstrong, Akitas require firm training and socialization. They have a high prey drive and may be aggressive towards other animals and strangers if not properly managed.