8 Domestic Dogs That Could Be Mistaken for Wolves

Originating from Siberia, Huskies have retained ancient genetic markers seen in their appearance, such as double coats and upright ears.

Siberian Husky

Known for their physical resemblance to wolves, Malamutes are robust and retain pack-oriented behaviors.

Alaskan Malamute

A Japanese breed with genetic links to wolves, known for their independence and athleticism. 

Shiba Inu

Originally from Siberia, Samoyeds are characterised by their amiable demeanour and wolf-like appearance. 


A kind of wolf that is thin and quick, has its origins in the Middle East and shares genetic similarities with ancient wolves.


Surprisingly close genetically to wolves despite their small size and distinctive appearance.

Shih Tzu

Originally from Japan, Akitas share genetic traits with their wild counterparts, combined with a loyal and protective nature.


Known for their elegance, Afghan Hounds have maintained genetic ties to wolves, especially in their hunting instincts. 

Afghan Hound