8 Exercises for Knee Pain and Which Ones to Avoid

Quad Sets: Tighten the muscles on the top of your thigh while sitting, holding for a few seconds before releasing for optimal effectiveness.

Straight Leg Raises: Lift one straight leg off the ground while lying on your back, then lower it back down slowly to engage the muscles.

Hamstring Curls: Bend one knee and bring your heel towards your buttocks while standing, then lower it back down to maintain control.

Heel Slides: Slide one heel along the floor, straightening your leg as much as possible while lying on your back, then return to the starting position with controlled movements.

Full Leg Extensions: Beware of putting strain on the knees, especially with heavy weights or with legs fully extended, as it can exacerbate knee pain and lead to further issues.

High-Impact Activities: Reduce impact on your knees by avoiding activities like running, jumping, or high-impact aerobics, opting for low-impact alternatives instead.

Lunges: Approach with caution as they can aggravate knee pain, especially if not performed with proper form or on unstable surfaces, to prevent potential injuries.

Deep Squats: Minimize strain on the knees, particularly if you have existing knee pain or injuries, by avoiding deep squatting positions that could exacerbate discomfort.