8 Foods That Seem Healthy but Actually Are Not

Multi-Grain Bread

Despite the perception of being nutrient-dense, many multi-grain breads primarily contain enriched wheat flour. Look for breads with whole grains listed as the first ingredient to ensure better nutrition.


Often perceived as a healthier alternative to regular bread, flatbreads can be higher in calories and lack the airiness of traditional bread. Consider using lettuce wraps or opting for open-faced sandwiches with whole-grain bread instead.


While yogurt is known for its probiotics, flavored and frozen varieties can be high in sugar and unhealthy toppings. Choose plain low-fat Greek yogurt and add fresh fruit for flavor.

Energy Bars

Many energy bars are similar to candy bars in terms of sugar, calorie, and fat content. Look for bars with simple, recognizable ingredients like nuts and seeds, or consider alternative snacks if you're watching your calorie intake.

Crunchy Snacks

Pretzels, veggie straws, and chips often lack significant nutrition and can be calorie-dense. Opt for raw vegetables with hummus or peanut butter for a healthier crunch.

Dried Fruit

While dried fruit may seem healthy, it can be high in calories and lacking water-soluble nutrients found in fresh fruit. Snack on whole fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges instead.


Granola products often contain high levels of fat and sugar, despite starting with wholesome ingredients like oats and nuts. Consider muesli or homemade granola with limited sweeteners and oil for a healthier option.

Sports Drinks

Unless you're engaging in prolonged, intense exercise, sports drinks may not be necessary and can add unnecessary sugar to your diet. Stick to water for hydration in most cases.