8 Plant Shelf Ideas We Love to Show Off Your Greenery

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Utilize the top shelf for oversized hanging plants. They add drama and can grow into beautiful trellises, enhancing the vertical space.

Top Shelf Hanging Plants

Arrange hexagon shelves with cute succulents or pots for an eye-catching geometric display. Expand the setup as desired for a striking effect.

Hexagon Plant Shelf

Showcase various plant pots in a tiered setup. It organizes plants of different sizes, making even small nooks ideal for plant displays.

Tiered Plant Shelf

Maximize empty corners with L-shaped shelves. Mix different colors and shapes of planters for a whimsical look.

L-Shaped Corner Shelves

Opt for a hanging plant shelf for charm and texture. DIY or store-bought, these shelves suit neutral palettes and add uniqueness to any space.

Hanging Plant Shelves

Use spacious windowsills for potted plants. They provide ample sunlight, making it a natural spot for greenery.

Windowsill Plant Shelf

Utilize the area behind your sofa with a plant shelf. Fill it with various plants to expand your collection effortlessly.

Sofa Back Shelf

Get creative by turning everyday items, like an old guitar, into plant shelves. These unique pieces double as conversation starters.

Repurposed Objects