8 Popular Purple Perennial Flowers That Will Stand Out in Your Garden


Part of the mint family, lavender thrives in cool summer areas with well-drained soil. Its fragrant blooms are a favorite of bees, perfect for rock gardens, pollinator gardens, or containers.

Salvia 'May Night':

This cultivar, also known as wood sage, boasts stunning purple blooms. Plant it in full sun and watch it rapidly fill in areas, ideal for mass plantings in border gardens.


Ornamental onions, like A. aflatunense, A. cristophii, or A. caeruleum bulbs, make a bold statement with their purple blooms. Perfect for sunny borders, rock gardens, or mass plantings.


With its woody vines and large flowers, clematis adds elegance to any garden. Look for varieties like 'Cezanne', 'Blue Explosion', or 'Blue Angel' for beautiful purple blooms.


Also known as larkspur, delphiniums thrive in cool summers but can tolerate afternoon shade in hot climates. Stake and prune them for stunning blooms throughout spring, summer, and fall.


Drought-tolerant once established, catmint thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. Its spreading form makes it perfect for containers, walkway borders, or rock gardens.

Creeping Phlox:

A native ground cover, creeping phlox thrives in full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. 'Sherwood Purple' is a perfect choice for its rapid spread and drought tolerance.

Garden Phlox:

With its tall, clump-forming structure, garden phlox blooms from mid-summer to mid-fall. Varieties like 'David's Lavender' or 'Jeana' offer stunning purple blooms and prefer sun to partial shade with moist, well-draining soils.