8 Safest Countries to Retire to as an American


Denmark tops the list as one of the most livable countries. Its low crime rate and transparent governance make it an ideal choice for retirees. The temperate weather, rich culture, and stunning natural beauty further enhance its appeal.

New Zealand

Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and Maori culture, New Zealand offers retirees a safe and laid-back lifestyle. Its efficient universal healthcare system and low crime rate make it particularly attractive.


Nestled in the Eastern Alps, Austria boasts spectacular mountain peaks and a rich cultural heritage. With a high GDP per capita and excellent law enforcement, it's a safe and appealing choice for retirees.


Portugal's temperate Mediterranean climate, low crime rate, and affordable cost of living make it a desirable retirement destination. Accessible public healthcare and charming towns like Lisbon and Porto


Known for its stunning natural landscapes and efficient transportation system, Slovenia offers retirees a comfortable and safe environment. With a developed economy and accessible healthcare, it ranks among the top destinations


With its stable economy, low crime rate, and low cost of living, Japan appeals to retirees seeking adventure and culture. From UNESCO-listed sites to natural hot springs, it offers diverse experiences.


Canada's safety, universal healthcare system, and abundant natural beauty make it an attractive choice for retirees. With cities like Toronto and Vancouver offering diverse cultural experiences

Czech Republic

Rich in history and culture, the Czech Republic offers retirees a picturesque landscape and vibrant cities like Prague. A top-notch public transportation system and universal healthcare enhance its appeal.