8 Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Use Layers in the Garden

Combine layers of plants of different heights, like white alyssum, purple-leafed lobelia, tulips, butterfly flowers, society garlic, and bougainvillea, for a visually appealing garden.

Create Interest with Curves

Use flowing curves in your garden to make it more appealing, and install landscape edging to keep the grass from creeping into your beds.

Make the Most of Your Space

Pack color and texture into small sidewalk gardens with tall, narrow plants like foxgloves, delphiniums, and climbing roses, and add smaller plants around their bases.

Grow a Cutting Garden

Small sidewalk gardens can be perfect for growing cut flowers like foxgloves and roses, and adding landscape accents like a white picket fence can enhance their charm.

Decrease Your Yard Maintenance

Reduce lawn maintenance by creating a front yard garden with ornamentals, herbs, and vegetables, but check local rules concerning front yard plantings.

Our Best Curb Appeal Tips

Follow these simple curb appeal tips. Simple and effective methods can improve your home's exterior and raise its value and appeal to purchasers and guests.

Make Your Yard Feel Bigger

Street-side plants, textures, and colour make your yard look bigger. Lavender, light pink, and blue make the area appear larger, while a diversity of plants and sizes provide complexity.

Delight Passersby with Fragrance

Southern magnolia and shrub roses colour and scent your front garden from April until October. Mulching keeps soil moist and inhibits weeds, producing a fragrant, low-maintenance environment.