8 States Americans Don t Want to Retire In


Illinois as the 6th most expensive state for property taxes in the U.S. High living costs, harsh winters, and elevated crime rates deter retirees seeking safety and comfort.


Despite no state sales or income tax, Alaska's extreme weather and high overall cost of living, particularly in housing and healthcare, don't align with retirees' comfort and accessibility needs.

New York

The bustling lifestyle and urban congestion of New York City, along with its harsh winters and high living costs, make it less than ideal for retirees seeking a relaxing environment.


California's urban areas have a cost of living ranging from 47% to 75% above the national average, making it inaccessible to many retirees. Additionally, the increasing risk of natural disasters poses concerns.


High crime rates, especially in urban areas, and the risk of natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding deter retirees from settling in Louisiana, as they seek safer environments.


The hot, humid summers and cold winters, coupled with high living costs and tax rates, don't appeal to retirees seeking year-round mild weather and financial stability.


High property taxes and housing costs contribute to Connecticut's high living expenses, which strain retirees' budgets. Moreover, healthcare costs limit access to affordable services.

New Jersey

New Jersey's high cost of living, particularly in healthcare, impacts retirees significantly. Residents face substantial healthcare expenses due to factors like hospital prices and insurance premiums.