8 Stunning DIY Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

Arrange a Large Patio

Break a large patio into distinct zones for conversation, dining, cooking, and relaxation. Use a large rug to mark the seating area separately.

Black and White Patio 

Black patio cushions paired with modern wood furniture create a sharp look. Taupe piping on the cushions softens the appearance and adds depth.

Small Patio Dining Ideas

A bistro set, ideal for small patios, adds personality with custom-weave chairs available in numerous colors and patterns.

Wood Patio Beams

Wood beams over a patio add functionality and a bit of shade, allowing for hanging lights, plants, and even furniture, adding warmth to concrete and metal spaces.

Porch Swing Idea

A cozy daybed hanging in front of banana trees offers a private, inviting retreat. Ensure strong overhead support and proper hardware for hanging.

Feature Plant Wall

Climbing roses on a statement wall delineate the patio, creating a romantic mood with classic wicker café furniture and pastel accents.

Patio Furniture 

A hanging daybed and sectional with matching accent pillows create distinct spaces for lounging and entertaining, tying the areas together.

Choosing Patio Furniture

Vibrant green patio furniture contrasts nature and requires minimal accessorizing, allowing for quick enjoyment of the space.