8 Tips for losing weight with yoga and meditation

The boat pose is a really popular yoga pose for strengthening your abs and toning those muscles.Begin seated with your hand by your sides and your legs bent. Slowly start raising your feet

Boat Pose

It may not look like much, but really, the plank pose is one of the best fat burning yoga poses for weight loss. Plus, it really works your core.


The breathing in yoga meditations helps to change your brain waves from excited to relaxed. When you slow your brain waves down, your mind can become clearer.

Reboots your brain

Start by laying down on your back with your feet shoulder-width apart and legs bent. While pushing your feet into the ground, slightly lift your back up and tighten your butt. 


Yoga meditation may help relieve pain. A review of several studies found pain relief receptors in the brain were activated by yoga meditation.

Helps relieve pain

Yoga meditations may help you sleep better, which also helps decrease stress, stress-related anxiety, depressive symptoms, and inflammation.

Improves your sleep quality

Begin lying on your stomach with your face down and knees bent and heels as close to your butt and possible. Slowly start reaching your hand back towards your ankles.

Boat Pose

Yoga meditation helps lower blood pressure, an important factor in heart health and overall wellness.

Lowers your blood pressure