8 Top-Rated Places To Retire According to the Annual Global Retirement Index

Costa Rica

Costa Rica stands out for its natural beauty and stable democracy, making it an ideal retirement destination. Retirees need to prove a monthly pension income of $1,000 for the Pensionado Visa.


Portugal's Algarve region offers retirees a Mediterranean climate, stunning beaches, and golf courses. The D7 visa requires an income equivalent to the country's minimum wage, around 9,840 euros annually.


Mexico's diverse regions, from Oaxaca to San Miguel de Allende, offer retirees a rich cultural experience. The Permanent Resident Card demands bank statements showing $2,000 to $3,000 monthly income.


Panama's Pensionado program offers discounts and perks to retirees, requiring a monthly income of $1,000 for permanent residency.


Spain boasts historical cities like Seville and modern amenities. The Non-Lucrative Residence Visa needs around $2,330 in monthly financial sufficiency.


Ecuador's diverse landscapes, from the Amazon to colonial cities, offer retirees affordable living. A minimum monthly income of $800 is required for a retirement visa.


Greece's mainland and islands offer history, culture, and the renowned Mediterranean diet. The Financially Independent Person Visa demands a monthly income of 2,000 euros.


Malaysia's cultural diversity and excellent healthcare make it appealing for retirees. The MM2H program requires an entry-level investment of approximately $105,600.