8 underrated sitcoms to watch instead of The Office reruns

A.P. Bio

Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton), a Harvard University philosophy professor, returns to Toledo, Ohio, to teach AP biology at the local high school after losing his dream job. Jack announces that he will not teach biology on the first day. He recruits his honor roll classmates to destroy his rival and get the job he deserves.

Happy Endings

Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) have a problematic friendship. The six buddies must adjust when Alex leaves Dave at the altar. They stay together in Chicago as they lose jobs, discover love, and adjust to adulthood.

Playing House

Emma (Jessica St. Clair) quits her success in China to assist her childhood best friend Maggie (Lennon Parham) raise Charlotte in Pinebrook. Emma remembers pleasant times and unfinished business. Every obstacle is met with assistance from the closest friends.

The Mick

Mickey (Kaitlin Olsen) survives, searching for quick money with her street smarts. Mickey has a chance when her millionaire elder sister flees the nation to evade federal fraud accusations and leaves her at home in her Greenwich estate. Mickey has to care her sister's three pampered, misbehaving kids to live in luxury.

The Grinder

Dean Sanderson (Rob Lowe) played a lawyer in the popular TV show The Grinder. After the series ends, Dean moves in with his brother (Fred Savage) to join the family law company.

My Name is Earl

Earl (Jason Lee) is a sinner who bullies and robs. Earl loses his $100,000 scratch-lottery ticket after being struck by a vehicle. He lists all his sins to atone for them and reverse his karma.

Cougar Town

Julia (Courtney Cox), a divorced mother, must confront the hard reality of dating again as an older woman. She spends her 40s finding herself after 20s as a wife and mother. Jules' wacky pals help her along the way.

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm, played by Frankie Muniz, is the smartest child in a dimwitted family with a caring but odd father, fiery mother, criminal elder brothers, and a spacey younger brother. He must cope with his troubled home and challenging schoolwork.