9 Best Places to Live in Massachusetts, According to Local Real Estate Experts


Brookline is a highly desirable town located just four miles southwest of downtown Boston. Known for its proximity to the city, excellent public schools, and diverse housing market, Brookline offers residents access to top universities and medical facilities


Salem, renowned for its Halloween attractions, has more to offer year-round. The town provides affordable housing with a median home price of about $561,655. Salem's cityscape includes historic buildings and independent businesses


Boston stands out for its blend of historic charm and modern amenities, including world-class museums, universities, and sports teams. With natural attractions like Boston Harbor and the Charles River, the city offers abundant outdoor activities.


Situated along the Charles River, Cambridge is renowned for its historic architecture and academic institutions, including Harvard and MIT. The city features over 20 distinct neighborhoods, each with unique characteristics. Harvard Square is a popular spot


Located at Cape Cod's tip, Provincetown (or Ptown) is known for its small-town charm, world-class entertainment, and artistic heritage. The town thrives on its diversity and LGBTQ-friendly environment. Main attractions include the annual


Lexington, ranked highly for education and health, is a sought-after community, particularly among families. The town offers a variety of home styles, from historic colonials to mid-century moderns. Limited inventory and high demand drive up


Amherst is celebrated for its top-ranking colleges, natural beauty, and diverse population. The town's real estate market features a range of home styles, from historic residences to modern homes. With a median home value of about $480,519


Springfield, Massachusetts' third-largest city, is known for its affordable housing and abundant recreational opportunities. The median home value of $262,276 is notably lower than the national average, making Springfield an attractive option


Framingham offers a unique blend of urban, suburban, and rural living experiences. It is home to one of the largest Brazilian American communities in the country, contributing to its cultural diversity. The city’s varied neighborhoods cater to different lifestyle

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