9 Best Small Trees to Plant in Your Front Yard

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Add spectacular seasonal flair to your landscape with crabapples. With a variety of flowers in shades of white, pink, and red, and fruits in orange, gold, red, or burgundy, crabapples offer.


Valued for its outstanding display of pink or white flowers in spring, redbud is an easy-to-grow small tree with heart-shaped leaves that turn golden-yellow in fall.


A common sight in Southern gardens, crape myrtle offers clusters of frilly flowers in pink, red, lavender, or white. Notable varieties include 'Arapaho' with red blooms and 'Catawba'.

Crape Myrtle

This North American native tree bears pink or white springtime flowers, bright red fruits in late summer, and purple-red fall foliage. Varieties include 'Cherokee Sunset' with foliage.

Flowering Dogwood

Kousa dogwood offers pink or white blooms in spring, red fruits in late summer, and reddish-purple autumn foliage. Notable varieties include 'Milky Way' and 'Satomi'.

Kousa Dogwood

The saucer magnolia, which has huge blossoms in a variety of colours including white, pink and purple, is an excellent choice for a modest front yard tree.

Saucer Magnolia

Native to parts of Eastern North America, the fringe tree offers clouds of fragrant white flowers in late spring and blue-purple fruits in fall, attracting birds.

Fringe Tree

Golden chain tree produces hanging clusters of yellow flowers in late spring and early summer. Its green, clover-like foliage adds to its appeal.

Golden Chain Tree

Carolina silverbell displays white bell-shaped flowers in early spring and yellow foliage in fall. Varieties include 'Rosea' with pink flowers and 'Tyler's Variegated' with yellow-and-green foliage.

Carolina Silverbell