9 Black groundbreaking women who were about their business

Maggie Lena Walker

Maggie Lena Walker, the first African-American woman in the United States to found a bank, broke barriers by establishing the Saint Luke Penny Savings Bank in 1903, empowering the Black community during the Great Depression.

Ursula M. Burns

Ursula Burns, the first Black woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Xerox, reshaped the corporate landscape, leading the company to $18 billion in revenue by 2015 and championing STEM education.

Lillian Lincoln Lambert

Lillian Lincoln Lambert, the first Black woman to earn an MBA from Harvard, paved the way for diversity at Harvard Business School and built a successful career in building maintenance, amassing $20 million in wealth.

Cathy Hughes

Cathy Hughes, media pioneer and founder of Radio One, revolutionized Black radio with the "Quiet Storm" format and became the first Black woman to lead a publicly traded media company.

Sheila Johnson:

Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BET, became the first Black female billionaire after selling her shares in the company. She's also an entrepreneur in hospitality and sports team owner.

Aurora James

Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies, created the Fifteen Percent Pledge to diversify retail shelves, supporting Black-owned businesses and offering grants to Black entrepreneurs.

Sarah Bond

Sarah Bond, president of Xbox at Microsoft, made history as the first Black woman to lead a major gaming company, driving diversity and inclusion initiatives at Microsoft.

Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson, president and co-CEO of Ariel Investments, is a prominent businesswoman advocating for financial literacy and diversity, making history as the first Black chair of the Economic Club of Chicago.

Eunice Johnson

Eunice Johnson, co-founder of Ebony Magazine, pioneered the Ebony Fashion Fair, showcasing Black models and designers in luxury fashion, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.