9 Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas You Can DIY

Add Short Plants and Ground Cover

A variation of heights in your plants is what makes your landscaping look professional and manicured. To complement your taller plants and shrubs, plant some shorter plants and ground cover.

Plant Flower Beds and Borders

Flower beds make the biggest impact when it comes to improving your curb appeal landscaping. Consider lining the pathway to the front door with new flowers.

Outdoor Lighting for Nighttime Curb Appeal

Installing landscape lighting may sound like an intimidating undertaking, but solar light fixtures make it a simple and inexpensive project. Solar path lights charge in the sunlight.

Add Fresh Mulch

Freshening up the mulch around your shrubs and in your flower beds is an easy and cheap way to enhance the curb appeal landscaping of your home.

Prune Shrubs

If your shrubs have been neglected, pruning them all to a manageable size can really help boost your curb appeal. Start by removing any dead.

Plant a Tree

Not only good for the environment, planting a tree is a guaranteed way to improve your landscaping and curb appeal. Remember when choosing a location for a tree.

Add Border Edging

Another way to add curb appeal to your landscaping is with border edging. Line flower beds with edging material to keep them looking nice and tidy and prevent grass from invading. 

Create a Pathway

Incorporating a pathway into your landscaping design adds extra interest and beautiful curb appeal. And don't worry, you don't have to be a contractor to create your own front yard path.

Fertilize the Grass

Make a big impact on your easy curb appeal landscaping, with lush, green grass. Fortunately, it only takes a few supplies and a little effort to grow beautiful grass that will have the whole neighborhood envious.