9 Cute Nail Designs That Prove Less is More

1. Subtle Pink Ombre

For a dimensional look, try a subtle pink ombre effect on your nails. Blend a soft pink shade at the base into a creamy white towards the tips.

2. Evil Eye

Add intrigue to your natural nail design with strategically placed evil eyes. The electric blue symbol not only looks cool but is also believed to offer protection against negativity.

3. Minimalist French

Can't choose between a classic French tip and a naked nail? Opt for a minimalist French design with a thin white line at the top for a chic look.

4. Gilded Minimalist French

Elevate the minimalist French design by adding thin bands of shimmering gold at the nail bed and under the French tip on select nails.

5. Gold Foil Accent Nails

Add a touch of glamour with gold foil flakes on one or two accent nails. Pair with nude hues that match your skin tone and finish with a shiny top coat.

6. Peachy Clean Nails

Achieve a warm, peachy look that complements your skin tone by layering a slightly peach-leaning nail polish with glossy top coats for a syrupy effect.

7. Subtle Chrome

Satisfy your urge for a hint of bling with a subtle pink chrome manicure. It's simple, chic, and adds just the right amount of drama to your natural nails.

8. Iridescent Sheen

Get a mesmerizing look with a sheer coat of iridescence on your natural nails. Choose shades that lean blue, purple, pink, or green depending on your preference and catch the light beautifully.

9. Pearl Nails

Embrace the elegance of pearls with a sheer white base and one or two layers of a sheer pearly or opalescent top coat for a subtle yet stunning finish.