9 Flattering Haircuts for Square Faces to Look Softer 

Wavy Texture: The iconic square-faced actress Rosario Dawson flaunts her waves trimmed just below the collarbone. Her powerful jawline gains softness from this appearance.

Dramatic Side Part: Women with square features appear stunning with this length of hair, in contrast to those with long faces who find it harder to pull off long hairstyles.

Textured Shoulder-Length: Long, flat-ironed hair like the one Gwyneth Paltrow is sporting now is her greatest appearance.

Tousled Bob: If a long bob is layered and silky, it looks fantastic on a square face. Steer clear of a harsh, pointed bob that falls exactly at your chin; it will just draw attention to your jaw and give you a boxy look.

Long, Soft Bob: Ask your hairdresser to use a razor to trim the hair if you want to style the appearance like Gabrielle Union. "I enjoy using the razor to smooth the ends and create layers in my straight to wavy hair.

Textured Layers: All face types look good with shoulder-length hair, but as model Kate Moss demonstrates, this specific cut works particularly well on square faces.

Feathered Shoulder-Length: Mandy Moore sports a really attractive haircut that features lengthy layers that terminate at her shoulders and begin somewhat below her chin.

Wavy With Bangs: Olivia Wilde's square jawline is softened by her side-swept bangs, and her long hair completes an absolutely stunning appearance. She appears faultless and well-balanced.

Lots of Volume: A square face is always enhanced by long layers. They look particularly amazing with side-swept bangs.