9 Low Shedding Dog Breeds

Miniature Schnauzer

Originally bred as ratters, Miniature Schnauzers are beloved for their grumpy expression and are low-shedding but require regular grooming and clipping to maintain their distinctive look.

Lhasa Apso

Known for their luxurious long hair, Lhasa Apsos shed minimally and require frequent baths and grooming sessions to prevent matting, making them a high-maintenance yet elegant choice.

Scottish Terrier

Scotland's oldest breed, Scottish Terriers have a wiry topcoat and soft undercoat that minimizes shedding. Despite this, they need regular brushing to keep their coat healthy and free of mats.

Yorkshire Terrier

With their silky, human-like hair, Yorkshire Terriers shed gradually and are prone to tangling, necessitating consistent grooming to preserve their delicate appearance and prevent matting.

West Highland Terrier

Sharing similarities with Scottish Terriers, Westies have a double coat that requires regular brushing to prevent tangling and matting, ensuring their coat remains neat and healthy.

Cairn Terrier

Made famous by Toto in "The Wizard of Oz," Cairn Terriers are low-shedding but require specific hand stripping techniques and regular grooming to maintain their characteristic look and comfort.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small, charming dog breed known for its cheerful disposition, fluffy white coat, and resemblance to a cotton ball. Here are some key details about the Bichon Frise:


The Basenji is a unique and ancient dog breed known for its alert expression, athletic build, and distinctive yodel-like sound.


Poodles are one of the most versatile and intelligent dog breeds, known for their elegant appearance, hypoallergenic coat, and exceptional trainability.

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