9 Most Beautiful Streets in the World That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

1. Symi, Greece

The island of Symi in Greece boasts a stunning harbor lined with vibrant buildings. As your ferry approaches, the colorful façades create a mesmerizing view. For an up-close experience, take a leisurely stroll along Akti Pavlou

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Acorn Street in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood is renowned for its historical charm. Dating back to 1795, this cobblestone street is a picturesque slice of New England history. The original lampposts and cobblestones, coupled with classic brownstones

3. Cape Town, South Africa

The Bo-Kaap neighborhood, formerly known as the Malay Quarter, is famous for its colorful row houses. The technicolor facades create a vibrant street scene that’s perfect for exploration. For a deeper dive into the area’s history

4. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco’s "blue city," enchants visitors with its all-blue streets. Callejon El Asri, a particularly picturesque alley, is adorned with colorful flower pots that add a splash of vibrant contrast to the city’s blue-washed walls.

5. Águeda, Portugal

Águeda’s Rua Luís de Camões is renowned for its Umbrella Sky Project. This installation features a canopy of multicolored umbrellas suspended above the street, offering both shade and a striking visual display. Inspired by Mary Poppins

6. Alberobello, Italy

In Alberobello, located in Italy’s Puglia region, the iconic trulli houses are a highlight. These whitewashed, mushroom-shaped dwellings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking through Via Monte San Michele provides a chance to admire

7. Athens, Greece

The Anafiotika neighborhood in Athens offers a charming contrast to the city’s Neoclassical architecture. Built by workers from Anafi in the 1800s, this area features Cycladic-style whitewashed homes with colorful shutters, creating a picturesque

8. Colmar, France

In Colmar’s Petite Venise district, the canals and half-timbered houses create a fairytale setting. The Quai de la Poissonnerie, once home to fishmongers, is particularly scenic. This picturesque area retains its Alsatian charm

9. Burano, Italy

The Venetian island of Burano is celebrated for its vividly painted houses and lace-making tradition. Walking along Fondamenta Pontinello Sinistra or Fondamenta Cao di Rio a Sinistra provides an opportunity to photograph the colorful façades

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