9 Perfect Ways to Get Beach Waves in Your Hair

Opt for a layered haircut to remove weight and enhance natural movement. Layers cut through point-cutting facilitate the formation of waves by reducing bulk at the ends.

Get the Right Cut

After showering, towel-dry hair and apply a combination of products tailored to your hair texture and desired wave type.

Prep With the Right Products

Twist damp hair into random sections and allow it to air dry. This simple method encourages natural waves, creating a textured, effortless look.

Section Into Twists

Enhance your hair's natural texture by scrunching it with a salt spray. This technique adds volume and a beachy feel without the need for heat styling.

Scrunch With Salt Spray

Create loose waves by twisting damp hair into a topknot and letting it air dry. This method enhances natural waves while adding volume and texture.

Sweep Into a Topknot

Section damp hair into small buns and secure them close to the scalp. When dry, release the buns to reveal defined waves with lasting hold.

Twist Into Buns

Achieve waves overnight by braiding slightly damp hair. Looser braids create beachy waves, while tighter braids result in more defined curls.

Wear a Braid Overnight

Set damp hair in large pin curls for soft, loose waves. Secure each curl with a clip and let them dry completely before gently separating with fingers.

Roll Into Pin Curls

 Use rag curlers or strips of fabric to set damp hair overnight for bouncy, springy waves. This old-school method yields natural-looking curls without heat.

Tie in Rag Curlers