9 Plants to Grow for Fragrance

Sweet Alyssum

Delicate annual with tiny blooms that attract pollinators. Perfect for containers, window boxes, or as a ground cover in rock gardens.

Mexican Orange Blossom

Native to the southwestern US and Mexico, with flowers and leaves emitting a fragrance reminiscent of oranges. Fast-growing when young, slower as mature shrubs.


Vining plant known for its striking blue and purple flowers in spring and late summer. Ideal for pergolas or lattice walls, thriving in full sun or part shade.


Showy perennial vine, non-invasive varieties available. Attracts pollinators, with options like yellow honeysuckle or Scentsation, which blooms from mid-spring to late summer.


Beloved for its sweet scent and trumpet-like white blooms, unfurling at night. Thrives in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-12, requiring full sun and moist, well-drained soil.


Shrub with fragrant flowers blooming in late spring and early summer, then again in late summer and early fall. Thrives in zones 6-11, preferring moist, well-drained soil and partial shade.


Versatile and resilient, roses add elegance and fragrance to any garden. Look for scented varieties like Mr. Lincoln or Princesse Charlene de Monaco, suitable for USDA Hardiness.


Tubular flowers available in various shades, known for their sweet scent. Blooms in summer, preferring full sun to partial shade and acidic, well-drained soil.


Highly coveted for its intoxicating aroma, commonly used in perfumes. A vining flower from the olive family, thriving in various climates and soil conditions.