9 Stunning Purple Perennial Flowers That Will Make Your Garden Come Alive


Towering columns of purple blooms attracting butterflies and bees, ideal for cottage gardens in full to partial sun and well-drained soil.


Fragrant bell-shaped flowers blooming in spring, perfect for Southern gardens with adequate exposure to cold temperatures. Plant in USDA Zones 4-8.

Sweet Peas

Cottage garden essential with brightly colored blooms on tall stems, thriving in rich soil and full sun. Plant in fall in mild climates or after the last frost in cooler areas.

Fan Flowers

Vibrant outdoor container fillers with fan-shaped blooms, loving full sun and thriving in summer heat. Grow as annuals outside of Zones 10 and 11.

Summer Phlox

Hardy perennials attracting butterflies and hummingbirds with lush colors, requiring good air circulation and mildew-resistant selections. Plant in Zones 4-8.


Charming perennials available in various shapes and sizes, ideal for mass planting in borders and popular as cut flowers. Plant in fall for early spring blooms


Climbing vines like 'Jackmanii' adding color to higher garden areas, offering a spectacular floral display in late spring or early summer. Keep moist and well-fed with monthly fertilizer.

American Wisteria

Stunning vine varieties like Kentucky wisteria needing annual pruning for control, blooming in full sun and well-drained soil in Zones 5-9.

Little Girl Magnolias

Compact magnolia trees with later blooming and dense growth, thriving in full to partial sun and loamy, moist soil. Ideal for smaller garden spaces.