Cute and Simple Haircuts for Girls for College

College girls seeking a stylish, low-maintenance hairdo should try the wavy lob, often known as the long bob.

Wavy Lob

Teens can seem attractive and carefree with the untidy bob. Short to medium-length hair suits this haircut best on girls.

Messy Bob

This ultra-short hairdo is low-maintenance and perfect for a big shift. You can style it with waves or slicked-back hair.

Pixie Cut

The sleek blunt cut is perfect for females who want clean, beautiful hairstyles. Hair is trimmed straight across with no layers for a clean look.

Sleek Blunt Cut

Simply side-split your hair and sweep your bangs to one side of your face to obtain this style.

Layered Side Swept Bangs

This common girl's haircut is perfect for edgier and modern looks. A fringed bob frames the face in this style. It suits casual and formal occasions.

Fringed Bob

The fashion-trendy bubble braid can be worn on special occasions. Long-haired girls can wear this style.

Bubble Braid Hairstyle

This classic college girl's hairdo is easy to make and suitable for any occasion. Gather your hair at the crown with an elastic band.

High Ponytail