Dog who was abandoned by owner and beat cancer marks five years in shelter

Kina, a dog in South El Monte, California, has been waiting for a forever home for five years since being abandoned at Pet Rescue Solutions in 2019.

Kina was surrendered because her owners claimed they were moving and couldn't keep her, along with another dog who was quickly adopted due to being considered more attractive.

Despite overcoming cancer and the heartbreak of abandonment, Kina remains at the shelter, feeling depressed as many other dogs find homes while she waits.

Factors such as size (Kina is a larger dog), past reactivity (which has improved with age), and easily getting stressed have contributed to her extended stay at the shelter.

Kina's favorite activities include lounging on her bed, receiving treats, and playing with a water hose, finding joy despite her circumstances.

Kina's chances of adoption are impacted by her senior status and breed, factors that often reduce demand according to adoption data from sources like Petfinder.

Rainwater, assistant director at Pet Rescue Solutions, emphasizes Kina's need for a calm, single-pet household to ease her stress and facilitate a smooth transition.