Fast-Growing Trees for a Privacy Screen in Your Yard

Bald Cypress

Known for thriving in wet or swampy conditions, the Bald Cypress is a robust tree with minimal pest and disease issues. It grows rapidly, averaging 18 to 24 inches per year.

Chinese Tallow Tree

Chinese Tallow Trees are fast-growing, adding 12 to 18 inches annually and eventually reaching heights of about 40 feet. Ideal for zones 8-10, these trees thrive in full sun.


Cottonwoods, particularly Populus deltoides, are fast growers that reach heights of up to 70 feet, growing 3 to 4 feet annually. They prefer moist soil and thrive in zones 3-9 with full sun.

Dawn Redwood

This deciduous conifer grows about 2 feet annually and matures to around 80 feet tall and 25 feet wide. Ideal for adding privacy, it resembles an evergreen with soft, fine needles.

European Black Alder

Native to Europe, the European Black Alder is resilient in low, wet landscapes where other trees struggle. It grows rapidly in its youth, slowing to 12 to 15 inches per year.


With hundreds of species ranging from 25 to 70 feet tall, Gum Trees are vigorous growers suited for western landscapes. They add 2 to 3 feet annually in zones 9-10, providing excellent privacy.

Japanese Pagoda Tree

Known for its low maintenance and wide canopy of green foliage, the Japanese Pagoda Tree flourishes in zones 6-8, growing 12 to 15 inches annually.