Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks from Floral Design Experts

Here are the Tips for Prepping Cut Flowers.

1. At a 45-degree angle, trim the stems a half-inch from the bottom. This helps your flowers hydrate better by giving them more surface area to drink from.

2. Clear out every leaf in your vase that will drop below the waterline. Your flowers will wilt faster if these leaves get wet because bacteria will grow in the water.

3. Leave your flowers to hydrate for two to three hours in water and flower food. This is the bare minimum of time that will allow them to recover from their transit ordeal! Sufficient hydration is crucial.

Here are the Tips for Arranging Cut Flowers.

1. To create a foundation, start with your filler flowers. Make a lattice in your vase with the stems of your filler flowers so that it becomes the foundation of your arrangement. 

2. It's time to add dimension now. Arrange your focal flowers around your vase in a wave shape, with high and low heights alternated.    

3. Lastly, give it some personality! Add some colour to your design by using your texture flowers. Once you're done, use any leftover stems to fill in any gaps.