New Snake Species With Great Aggression Revealed by Scientists

Researchers in China have uncovered a new species of mountain pit viper known for its strong aggressiveness.

Named Ovophis jenkinsi, this viper was found in Yunnan province's remote Yingjiang County and is named after herpetologist Robert Jenkins.

Ovophis jenkinsi stands out with its unique coloration, ranging from dark brownish-gray to deep orange-brown, marked by trapezoidal patches along its back.

This species not only distinguishes itself from other pit vipers but also underscores the region's biodiversity.

Discovery efforts involved extensive fieldwork and advanced technology, including high-resolution aerial photos and AI models, which aided in habitat mapping and species identification.

Despite typically slow movement, Ovophis jenkinsi displays heightened aggression when disturbed, inflating its body and striking swiftly.

Evolutionarily adapted to Yunnan's mountainous terrain, its venomous bite signifies survival strategies in its ecosystem.

The finding highlights the importance of conservation in Yunnan, urging ongoing efforts to safeguard its diverse species amidst ecological challenges.