Simple Ways to Dye Your Hair at Home

Choose Your Shade Wisely

Selecting the perfect hair color starts with comparing shades close to your current one. Hold your hair next to dye boxes for a match.

Avoid Mixing Colors

Mixing different hair dye shades is risky unless you're a pro. Major companies don't guarantee predictable results. Stick to one shade for best outcomes.

Never Skip the Strand Test

Tempting as it may be, always do a strand test, especially with a new shade. Avoid horror stories of orange and purple hair by testing first.

Dress Strategically

Wear old, easy-to-remove clothing or go nude to avoid staining. Protect surfaces with disposable materials for easy cleanup.

Stock Up on Gloves

Have spare disposable gloves for rinsing. Protect your skin from staining during the dye removal process.

Start with Dry Hair

Apply dye to dry hair for best results. Wet hair can dilute the dye, leading to undesired outcomes.

Begin at the Roots

Start dye application at the roots for even coverage. Comb through hair after processing time for uniform color distribution.