The 8 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008)

Come for Henry Winkler, of course; stay for the way this story really does include an entire family and not just a couple.

One Royal Holiday (2020)

Come for two Broadway stars singing Christmas carols; stay for one of the sweetest twists ever done.

Christmas in Vienna (2020)

Come for Austria and Romania’s beautiful scenery; stay for Drew and Elliott’s delightful connection.

Snow Bride (2013)

Come for a woman tumbling down a snowy mountain in a wedding dress; stay for the surprising twist and a supportive mother.

The Christmas Train (2017)

Come for Danny Glover; stay for the magical cross-country train ride with some of the channel’s greatest actors.

The Christmas House (2020)

Come for the first Hallmark movie with a same-sex couple; stay for three creative storylines woven together.

Christmas Waltz (2020)

Come for the fun dance lessons; stay for the charming chemistry between the leads.

Christmas Town (2019)

Come for the adoption storyline; stay for the excellent chemistry, a laid-back cat, and a magical twist.

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