The 8 Best Beaches in the World, According to Experts

Trunk Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay is famed for its white sand and crystal-clear waters, featuring an Underwater Snorkeling Trail. It's a top pick for US citizens seeking a tropical escape without needing a passport.

Cala Mariolu, Italy

Cala Mariolu in Sardinia, known for its pink and white pebbles, is named after the Mediterranean monk seal. Access involves a ferry or a hike, with snorkeling and diving being popular activities.

Meads Bay, Anguilla

Meads Bay offers a less crowded alternative to Shoal Bay East, with five-star resorts and pet-friendly policies. It's ideal for snorkeling and swimming, with nearby food shacks for casual dining.

Entalula Beach, Philippines

Entalula Beach, near El Nido in Palawan, is celebrated for its limestone cliffs and clear waters. The beach's seclusion provides a tranquil experience, with minimal environmental fees for preservation.

Voutoumi Beach, Greece

Voutoumi Beach on Antipaxos Island is known for its stunning white sand and turquoise waters. Accessible by water taxi, it features a beach bar and nearby restaurants for a relaxing day out.

Turquoise Beach, Australia

Turquoise Beach near Ningaloo Reef is renowned for its crystal-clear blue waters and diverse marine life. As a protected sanctuary zone, it offers excellent snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

Pink Beach, Indonesia

Pink Beach on Komodo Island is one of the rare pink sand beaches, created by microscopic organisms. It s accessible via a speedboat or a trek, and offers vibrant coral reefs for snorkeling.

Anse Georgette, Seychelles

Anse Georgette on Praslin Island is a secluded beach known for its soft white sands and clear waters. Access is through the Constance Lemuria Resort, which manages daily visitor limits.

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