The 8 Best Casseroles For Summer Potlucks

Corn and Macaroni Bake

Macaroni and cheese will forever rank as one of the best casseroles for company. This thoroughly modern rendition tip-toes the comfort food concept to gourmet territory.

Pizza Tot Casserole

Jarred pizza sauce, canned olives, and store-bought tots make this an ultra-easy casserole for potluck dinner. You need just 15 minutes to get it oven-ready.

Cheeseburger Pizza Casserole

Pot pie meets hamburger in this summery potluck recipe that feeds a whopping 12 hungry guests per pan. Fill it with beef and sausage or trade in your favorite plant-based meat substitute.

Ham and Egg Casserole

A classic grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar on sourdough is good. But grown-up grilled cheese stuffed with fruit and meat alongside the warm, gooey cheese is even better.

Shrimp Rellenos Casserole

Tender shrimp and chopped poblano peppers combine with cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes in this easy casserole that's just right for your next potluck.

Shawarma Casserole

Ground turkey and rice get a leg up in flavor via warm shawarma spices, nutty tahini, piles of fresh herbs, and a salty, crunchy pita chip topping.

Potato Dump Casserole

Cheddar cheese and plenty of crunchy bacon crumbles. While it tastes like those fussy twice-baked spuds, this potluck casserole for a crowd is as easy as prep, dump, and bake.

Chicken Bacon Casserole

A packet of the signature seasoning blend offers herb-boosted flavor to each and every bite of this three-cheese pasta dish. Mushrooms and bacon lend loads of umami.